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My name is Magda, I am the owner and operator of Coastal Pet Services. After 10+ years in the corporate world, working in business continuity and facilities management, I just knew this wasn't for me any more. I could no longer spend long days in the office and long hours commuting. After that I tried property management. It was much better, but when I realised that the best part of my new job was cuddling my tenants' pets during routine inspections, I knew what I was going to do next. It was then that Coastal Pet Services was born. They say that if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life. I think I have finally got there!

I grew up with two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig and a few canaries. I am very passionate about animals and their well being. Your pets will receive the best possible care from me. I am a dedicated and loving owner of four gorgeous furry babies and I understand how important it is to you that your pets are in good hands while you are not there to care for them yourself.

Coastal Pet Services is a registered and fully insured business. I have been police checked. I have completed pet first aid training at Animal Welfare League and regularly volunteer at RSPCA in Lonsdale. I live with my husband and four Cavaliers in the beautiful part of Adelaide's South - Noarlunga Downs.

Meet my four beautiful doggies: Diesel is a tricolour boy, very gentle and super friendly, loves all creatures, big or small. Brooklyn is a boisterous, but very cuddly Blenheim boy. Pepsi, our ruby girl, is the most affectionate dog of all. She is the boss and everything is on her terms. Fletcher is the latest addition to our family. We were not looking to bring another dog into our lives. That was until I accidentally found him on the Pet Rescue website. We instantly knew we had to adopt him. Fletcher had a very rough start in life and came to us with multiple behavioural issues. He is slowly coming out of his shell and learning to trust people again. Most importantly, he loves his new home. All four are my true pride and joy, I can't imagine my life without them.